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Stucco is one of the most popular exterior finishes for homes. It is mostly definitive feature of Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.  Stucco homes can come in a variety of textures, colors and finishes. At Albuquerque Stucco Repair services, we offer a variety of colors and textures.  The exterior of your home serves many purposes including increasing curb appeal, energy efficiency and it also protects the structural integrity of load bearing structures. Albuquerque Stucco Repair Pros can walk you through all of the options!

The benefits of stucco include: most importantly, fire resistance. A 1-inch coating of stucco can provide a 1-hour fire wall rating.  It has a beautiful look that has endless options of colors and textures. Due to the multiple layer application processes, stucco is an incredible insulator of both warm and cool air.

There are some downsides to stucco homes as well. Due to its more brittle nature, stucco will crack if a home settles over time. Even homes with very solid foundations can experience some cracking. Small cracks won’t affect the structural integrity of the siding but should be patched to keep water out. Cracks of ¼ in or more need to be addressed immediately. Albuquerque Stucco Repair Pros are equipped to handle all damage or preventative maintenance.

residential stucco repair Albuquerque
residential stucco repair Albuquerque

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